Oat and honey flapjack cookies

Hello readers.

You may wonder where on earth I’ve been. Or you may be like “Ugh, her again?” If the former, thank you for your concern. If the latter, just unfollow me.

The simple answer is I’ve been pretty much where I’ve always been. The complicated answer is I moved, so my kitchen was packed for quite some time and then it was unpacked but I was focused on other things. And then a dear co-worker and friend returned after a month off and I wanted to bake her something and these cookies caught my eye.

So here we are.

When I was in the UK an alarmingly long time ago (I did the math recently and think it’s time for a revisit), I was out with a friend and she said she packed us flapjacks as a snack. I was confused. Because to me, you see, a flapjack was an American fluffy pancake. Not exactly a portable snack.

In that Great place of Britain, though, a flapjack is more of a breakfast bar. So a flapjack cookie is a spin on a classic. And healthy to boot!

(Okay not overly healthy because there’s still a lot of sugar, but healthier.)

I started with what most cookies start with: butter and sugar. But also two tablespoons of honey. (See the spin?)

With those ingredients mixed “until fluffy and slightly lighter in colour,” I scraped down the sides of the bowl and added the egg.

(Here’s a photo of an egg, in case you didn’t know.)

With the egg added, I sifted in the wholewheat flour, baking powder and cinnamon.

I was then told to add the bran left in the sieve.

First of all, I had no idea that was bran in wholewheat flour. Secondly, if I was supposed to dump in the part that was sifted out, what’s the point of sifting?

No time for questions, though, because I was baking at 10 p.m.

I then added the oats, walnuts, craisins and dark chocolate chips.

I was told by our dear Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (or neither and it was actually an uncredited baker who came up with this recipe) that I could add any dried fruit and nut mix I’d like. Raisins, cranberries, sour cherries, sultanas, chopped dates, chopped macadamias, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts were all listed as suggestions. The world was my oyster (or rather the bowl was my oyster) but I went with the ingredients that I already had in my house. (Plus chocolate chips because what’s an oat-based cookie without chocolate? It’s a cruel joke is what it is.)

I think it was around this point in the process that my smoke alarm went off for the first time.

As I said, I recently moved and haven’t baked much in this kitchen, so when this fun noise that causes my heart rate to skyrocket started happening, I frantically looked at the ceiling because I hadn’t located it yet. Thankfully it was positioned right over an antique trunk so I was able to jump up on that and press the button (because the towel waving did not work).

I would like to add that this happened with just a preheating clean oven, so I opened my kitchen window and turned on the fan, worried what would happen with food actually in said oven.

With the beeping sorted, I mixed together all of the ingredients…

…and scooped them out.

While these were baking one sheet at a time, guess what happened a second time?

Up on the trunk I jumped, pressed the button, and disconnected the wire.

Two rounds of about 15 minutes later (which, if math is not your specialty, is about half an hour), I had many healthy flapjack cookies:

And less than 12 hours later, I shared these with a very happy team an appreciative co-worker and friend.

And less than 12 hours after that, I had a new smoke detector.

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  1. “what’s an oat-based cookie without chocolate? It’s a cruel joke is what it is.” LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK

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