Roast vegetable and goat’s cheese torte

What am I making? I mean the photo looks delicious, but I’m so confused about most of the savoury recipes.

Tortes are usually sweet and yet, there’s this oddity. I mean don’t get me wrong, it looks tasty. Roasted veggies are wonderful and goat’s cheese is my jam, so combining that with crepes seems like as good an idea as any.

The only thing is this is a massive torte and is supposed to serve four to six people. It’s not something that can easily brought to work, nor is it big enough to feed the number of coworkers I have. Therefore, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to cut this recipe in half and try to make some sort of miniature version of the torte. I’m undecided if that means I’ll be cutting in half the number of torte layers or I’ll literally be making a smaller torte. But here we go.

First, the crepe batter, made with wholemeal flour.

(I recently purchased a selfie light and I’m trying to improve the quality of my photos. Bear with me, please.)

Next up, add the egg and milk (or, in my case, almond milk). Now here’s the other thing about halving a recipe (halfing a recipe?), when it calls for one medium egg and one medium egg yolk, is it half enough to do one large egg? I did a little less almond milk to help balance it, so hopefully that does the trick.

Then whisky-whisk-whisk.

As that sits for half an hour, I’m to prep the vegetables, which took some extra work. First of all, it says I need one yellow pepper and two red peppers, one courgette and one aubergine. Now, to half/halve this, I am going to do one orange pepper (get it? halfway between yellow and red?), half a courgette (or as we say here in the Great White North: zucchini), and half an aubergine (which is so much better than what I normally call it: eggplant).

Side note: Aubergine would be such a pretty name.

“This my daughter, Aubergine. She’s the younger sister to Semolina.”

So with all of those ingredients purchased, I started to chop things up. Pepper is easy. Courgette is simple. Eggplant was concerning. I cut it open, expecting to see a similar inside to the zucchini, but instead found way too many seeds and some brown spots. Hence my concern.

Are there supposed to be seeds? Is it supposed to be brown? I consulted with a friend and she said seeds are fine but I’m still unconvinced about the brown. I did more slicing and found the top half to be free of brown spots. I only needed half an aubergine, so that works out fine.

Since I don’t have fresh thyme because my lack of sunlit windows really limits my opportunities for an herb garden, I used dried thyme. Add to that a little olive oil and mix it up.

Then put it onto a baking sheet to roast it.

As that cooked, I “roughly chopped” some black olives.

And threw them in the bowl I used to toss the veggies, along with some sliced garlic.

And then waited again for that to be tossed with the roasted veggies.

After tossing the veggies as they were roasting, I decided to start the crepe-making process because it had been over half an hour of letting the batter sit.

And crepes tend to take longer, especially when you need to make twelve.

It was at this point that I made a decision. Instead of doing half the amount of full-size crepes for a 20.5 cm spring-clip tin, I would do the same amount of crepes just in mini size and use my mini spring-clip tins.

First crepe, time to get you out of the way so I can make prettier ones.

Not terrible, and it can be used as a base crepe.


A couple more.

While those were going, I pulled out the roasted veggies and added them to the black olives and garlic.

With 10-12 made (I lost count and forgot to take a photo of the full batch)…

…I started assembling.

(And I can only apologize for the blurriness. And the general terrible quality of all of my photos ever. I bake. I don’t photograph.)

First a base crepe or two:

Then the roasted veggies.

Then another crepe and the goat’s cheese and basil.

Then lather, rinse, repeat. The actual recipe says you should have four layers of veggies and four layers of cheese; however, these mini tins only accommodate half as many layers, so I made a choice to do two tins.

I hope I’m hungry! I also hope this is good. It’d be a real shame if it was disgusting.

After wrapping them with buttered foil, I popped them into the preheated oven and set the timer for half an hour.

Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. I don’t want to have to order emergency pizza.

*half an hour later*

I removed the wee tin from the oven.

Pulled off the foil.

Removed the tin.

And took photos from multiple angles.

And added some goat cheese and basil garnish.

And ate it all.

Good thing there’s another one in the oven! I stand by the fact that this is a little bit of a weird thing to do to a torte, but I am also quite enjoying eating two of these mini savoury tortes, so who cares that it’s weird. I just care that it’s delicious. And that I don’t have to share.

(Also, sorry again for the photos. Please forgive me.)

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